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Digitial claims adjustment processes and contracting

Facekom eClaims

Highly Customizable

FaceKom is fully compliant with domestic and international regulations. All of our products are white-labels, so they can be easily customized to fit your clients’ needs.

Live Operators

Customer interactions are supported with live operators. FaceKom offers operator services for its partners as well, taking the burden of finding the right people off your shoulders.


FaceKom eClaims doesn’t require the installation of any plugin, extension, application or other forms of external software. Furthermore, it doesn’t require 3rd-party trust service providers to work, and it is completely browser-based.

Archived Video Sessions

A searchable archive of your customers’ recorded sessions helps you resolve potential disputes.

Managing incoming/outgoing video calls

FaceKom software distributes incoming calls to the operators for managing each of the calls.

Call Center functions

The Call Center features provide distributing video calls in a predefined way, recording them and managing feedbacks.

Types of Users

Different processes, tasks can be transparent, supervised and managed effectively by different types of users with different rights (administrator, supervisor, operator).

Presentation Mode

Presentation enables operators to present the company’s products and services that they want to sell to the clients.

Screen sharing

Screen Sharing allows clients to share their screen with the operator. This feature makes us feel like the operator sits next to the clients and help them.

PSD2 ready

We can provide more information about a client's financial history, thus banks can give the best offers in terms of personal loans or new bank accounts.

File Sharing

FaceKom software distributes incoming calls to the operators for managing each of the calls.

Digital Signature

After identification the client has the possibility to sign documents digitally by using FaceKom Application which makes the whole procedure convenient, fast and more effective.


Video calls can be managed by setting up your own workflow. This feature makes it possible to control processes, add comments and give tasks to the operators.

Text Chat

Text messages help the operators and the clients to communicate effectively. Text chat is available during the videochat and on the main page as well.


After contacting text chat embedded in the website, the built-in chatbot helps to navigate clients and find important information without having to wait for the operator.

Landline Calls

FaceKom software can manage incoming and outgoing video and mobile phone calls as well.

OCR Identification

After gathering information and personal documents from the clients, an OCR software integrated into FaceKom extracts the necessary information from the clients’ personal documents to compare them with the details provided by the clients in advance.

Managing Opening Hours

This feature makes it possible to manage opening and closing hours of our virtual customer service.

Callback Request

Clients can ask for a callback by giving their contact details.

Supervised Recording

During all virtual administration events, actions, video image, sound and logs are all recorded. Timeflags are used for saved sessions.

Form Filler

Personal details can be asked from the clients by using the Form filler feature, before entering the surface of the virtual customer service. Documents can be uploaded by the clients and these can be checked by the operators during the videochat.

LDAP Authentication

FaceKom software can be connected to existing active directories where you can set-up user and group management and control accesses and rights.

Delivery Models


We can deliver the product as an on-premise solution for partners who want to keep their clients’ data in-house. The system runs on our partner’s servers, and can be integrated with other solutions on-demand. After the application goes live, we don’t need to have access to these servers.


For partners who don’t want to handle software updates or maintain their own servers, we can deliver FaceKom services in an outsourced way. We run FaceKom on our secure servers dedicated to the partner.

Advantages for your

  • Comfortable

    Customers can take care of their business from anywhere.

  • Saves Time

    Customers can book appointments in advance and save the time of commute. Verification takes only a few minutes.

  • Easy-to-Use

    Customers can contact the bank by using only their devices, without having to download any app or deal with paper contracts. The solution supports every device, operating system and browser

Advantages for your

  • Reduces Costs

    Ease pressure by allocating available branch-based agents to incoming calls and reduce the size of the physical branch while maintaining the same quality of customer service.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

    Turn visitors into customers with remote contracting.

  • Increases Sales

    Use your new digital channel to effortlessly increase sales after the global pandemic subsides.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer enterprise-grade solutions for highly reduced fees.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Which consequently reduces customer churn.

OVer 150,000 claims adjustments processes and counting.

FaceKom also offers AI-powered identity verification services for outstanding customer due diligence.

Automated Identification

OCR & MRZ Capabilities

With Computer Vision, FaceKom products become capable of using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to gather information from the document.

MRZ or Machine Readable Zone reading capabilities can be used to collect basic personal information from ID cards and passports. It can be found on most passports and some driver's licenses and IDs.

These technologies can decrease the amount of manual input required from the customer, increasing general customer experience.

ID Card Recognition & Hologram Recognition

Computer Vision is capable of identifying ID cards based on their unique patterns. The system recognizes the ID and is capable of showing the operator the necessary security elements that the operator has to look for.

Hologram detection is also used for ensuring the validity of the documents. Every country has their own unique security elements on their identification documents. FaceKom’s hologram detection can find and validate these.

How it works

facekom step1
STEP 1 The customer has to provide basic information about themselves to start the video chat session
facekom step2
STEP 2 After registration, the customer has to go through a compatibility check to ensure that their devices and network connection is capable of conducting a video session
facekom step3
STEP 3 The customer arrives to the waiting room where they wait for an operator to connect to them, or they can initiate a self-service (‘selfie identification’) or request a call back
facekom step4
STEP 4 In the live video session, the customer sees an easy-to-use, intuitive UI that is a responsive website in case of a web-based process, offering optimal UX
facekom step5
STEP 5 During the session, the customer must follow the operator’s guidance including showing valid ID and proof of address
facekom step6
STEP 6 The platform is capable of handling two-factor-authentication in accordance with PSD2 legislation
facekom step7
STEP 7 At the end of the session, the customer can be redirected to a feedback page or to any other website, defined by the partner

Face Recognition and Liveness Detection

During customer identification, the operator/administrator has to ensure that the customer’s identity is valid. Computer Vision can support operators in this task by using facial recognition and facial comparison technologies.

The system compares the picture shown on the identification document and the person on the screen or photo (in case of non-real time identification).

FaceKom also uses Liveness detection to detect spoofing attempts by determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being or a fake representation (e.g. a photo).

Code Scanning

Barcodes and QR codes are used frequently to store information on certain documents. Leveraging Computer Vision’s code scanning capability, this information becomes accessible for the user, so it can be used later during various processes, making it a smoother experience.

Regulatory Requirements

FaceKom products are compliant with eIDAS, PSD2 and GDPR legislations and the highest security standards and data management regulations. FaceKom also has access to national and international databases (e.g. Thompson Reuters) to ensure high-quality background checks and high-level AML checks on customers.

Regulatory Requirements

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