facekom electronic signature

One-click electronic signature solution for easy, remote contracting

Facekom electronic signature

Digitizes Contracting

Created in synergy with our customer verification technology, eSign can fully digitize traditional, slow, paper-based contracting processes.

Secure & Compliant

FaceKom eSign uses one-time, private and public, short-term secure keys for the electronic signature and the verification of the signers without creating or issuing a certificate. The software is compatible with certificates issued by other trust service providers.


FaceKom eSign doesn’t require the installation of any plugin, extension, application or other forms of external software. Furthermore, it doesn’t require 3rd-party trust service providers to work, and it is completely browser-based.

Trust Service Provider

As a Trust Service Provider, by working closely with regulatory bodies and utilizing professional liability insurance, we can deliver electronic signature technology to our partners that ensures secure, remote contracting.

Voice Signature

Your customers will have the option to choose Voice Signature during the verification process. A verbal declaration is made as signature that can produce legally valid documents and contracts.

Advantages for your

  • Comfortable

    Customers can take care of their business from anywhere.

  • Saves Time

    Customers can book appointments in advance and save the time of commute.

  • Easy-to-Use

    Customers can contact the bank by using only their devices, without having to download any app or deal with paper contracts. The solution supports every device, operating system and browser

Advantages for your

  • Reduces Costs

    Ease pressure by allocating available branch-based agents to incoming calls and reduce the size of the physical branch while maintaining the same quality of customer service.

  • Serves All Customer Segments

    Such as SMEs, retail and private clients.

  • Increases Sales

    Use your new digital channel to effortlessly increase sales after the global pandemic subsides.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer enterprise-grade solutions for highly reduced fees.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Which consequently reduces customer churn.

Over 80,000 electronic signatures and counting.

FaceKom eID identity verification and eSign work hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth customer experience.

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eSign Remote Contracting

  • Browser-based
  • Nothing to Install
  • SDK Implementation
  • White-label
  • Runs Under Your Domain

The customer begins the remote contracting process with an onboarding phase, during which he also receives the necessary login credentials.

The customer then logs in, and the eSign platform identifies the device where the signing of the document will take place. To proceed, the identification process needs a one-time passcode (OTP) either sent via text or email.

Once the customer and his device has been identified, the company creates a document and marks it with a timestamp.

The customer can download, view and share the document, then either sign or decline it.

eSign ensures that the document can only be signed if the customer has confirmed that he read it through.

Regulatory Requirements

FaceKom products are compliant with eIDAS, PSD2 and GDPR legislations and the highest security standards and data management regulations. FaceKom also has access to national and international databases (e.g. Thompson Reuters) to ensure high-quality background checks and high-level AML checks on customers.

Regulatory Requirements

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