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Outsourced Operator Services with any of FaceKom’s products, providing the necessary manual support behind the automated flows

Facekom operators
Facekom Otpbank
Facekom Unicredit
FaceKom Highly Qualified

Highly Qualified

All FaceKom operators are trained and qualified according to the Hungarian AML and outsourcing legislation. They all go through AML and bank security trainings and hold certificates to verify it.

FaceKom Highly Trained

Highly Trained

Well trained individuals, who provide real time customer identification and technical support to FaceKom’s partners. All operators speak at least English and Hungarian.

FaceKom High Efficiency

High Efficiency

Based on FaceKom’s experience, it can be safely estimated that 1 operator can conduct 500 customer identifications per month.

Delivery Models


Operator Services are not sold alone, they are only available in bundles with other FaceKom products.


The operators work 8-hours a day, making the service available between 8.00 and 20.00 every workday.

The main task of the operator is to provide real time customer identification and technical support for FaceKom’s partners.

Besides identification, they also engage in other activities, such as ensuring
the 4-eyes principle or following up on clients who fell out of the process for some reason.

For technical support, calls are recorded, which service is provided by Comnica.

Regulatory Requirements

FaceKom products are compliant with eIDAS, PSD2 and GDPR legislations and the highest security standards and data management regulations. FaceKom also has access to national and international databases (e.g. Thompson Reuters) to ensure high-quality background checks and high-level AML checks on customers.

Regulatory Requirements

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